BIA Boat Shows Cancelled for 2020

BIA Boat Shows for 2020 have been cancelled in recognition of COVID-19 and its impact upon public health and safety.

President of the BIA, Darren Vaux, said today the BIA is constantly monitoring developments related to COVID-19 in the public domain, in communications with Ministers and Government Departments across the nation, and in discussion with members.

“Australia has experienced a dramatic combination of environmental extremes in fire and flood, and more recently the extraordinary Coronavirus COVID-19,” Vaux said.

“It is incredible to think how much has happened since the World Health Organisation declared the disease a pandemic on 12 March 2020.

“The collective impact is challenging social, economic and environmental norms.

“The fires and floods strained and stressed communities in the impacted areas which were primarily regional, and COVID-19 has added to that through social and economic implications of international consequence of an unknown scale and duration.

“The progress of the spread of the virus over the last seven days has seen dramatic changes to the public health forecasts and in the interests of certainty for all, the BIA Board has resolved to cancel the Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide Boat Shows for 2020.

“These shows are important for our members and our public, because they are a wonderful opportunity showcase first-hand all that boating has to offer. It was a difficult but appropriate decision considering the social challenge before us.

“Our members are important to us, especially at extraordinary times like these, and that is why exhibitors will be offered a refund of any deposits held by the BIA.

“We know that our membership is doing it tough with this health crisis coming on the top of a difficult summer and we are applying all of our energy to support our industry while maximising the available government support,” he said.

“We need to come together, support each other, follow the government directives and look after the most vulnerable in our industry and our community.”

Vaux said this decision would enable the BIA resources to fully focus on member support at this challenging time.

“The BIA’s core purpose is to support our members and we are focused on doing just that,” he said.

Priority actions for the BIA include the following:

• Communicating with both Federal and State politicians and departments across all States and the NT to make sure that our messages get through regarding the importance of the social and economic benefits of the boating sector;

• Deciphering the constant updates to stimulus and protection packages that are being proposed by state and federal governments so that we can communicate and assist members in this regard;

• Highlighting the physical and mental health benefits of boating, and its importance in the recovery stages; and

• Mobilising a digital campaign to remind people about the joys and freedoms of boating now and into the future to support the boating industry, boating public and the future recovery.

More information on BIA website at COVID-19 page.

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