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As the BIA remains dedicated to executing our strategic business plan, this week I’d like to highlight the crucial role that our Team and Directors play in advocating for our Members in the maritime industry.

Our Advocacy efforts are spearheaded by General Manager, Neil Patchett, who, together with BIA Directors, regularly engages with significant department heads and Ministers, including Transport for NSW, NSW Crown Lands, Queensland Transport and Maritime Safety Queensland, and their counterparts in South Australia. Through these interactions, we strengthen our relevance, reputation, and effectiveness, and communicate our message on key areas such as strategy, policy, legislation, safety, infrastructure, access, industry development, and jobs.

Our Staff and Directors sit on numerous boards, councils, and committees, providing regular submissions, both written and verbal, on maritime issues as a necessary focus for the BIA and member compliance. Currently, we represent members and the industry on 12 International committees and 34 State and National Committees, and in recent months, we have delivered 46 submissions to Department heads and Ministers.

Our submissions, along with other papers and advocacy, delivered both domestically and internationally, include areas such as sustainability, grow boating, AMSA cost recovery, migration and skills, marine jobs, Lifejacket promotion projects, ABP, infrastructure, flood resilience, commercial marina lease policy, dredging strategy, and boat-based fishing. We also support the establishment of an enduring peak advisory body with sector-wide representation to support boating at a strategic level.

Neil continues to advocate for the greater good in our industry, including manufacturers, engine emissions, marinas and land interface issues, clean waterways, and more. Our President, Andrew Fielding, sits on the Queensland Recreational Boating Council and Gold Coast Waterways Authority, and our former President, Darren Vaux, is now the ICOMIA President, leading an international charge on significant marine industry development activities.

For a full list of BIA’s points of representation and recent submissions, please refer to our website. Should you wish to contact Neil, please email info@bia.org.au. The BIA Team remains committed to advocating for our Members and advancing the maritime industry, and we look forward to continuing our efforts in 2023.

Andrew Scott