The BIA Team is committed to our strategic business plan and today I would like to focus on one of the four key priorities: Promote Education, Skills and Jobs.

Within our industry, Marine Jobs is not just a significant focus for members in attracting staff and sourcing resources generally but it is a collaborative brand, between the BIA, MIA and Superyacht Australia. It is a national collaboration and platform for:

  1. Members to advertise job vacancy ads, specifically within our industry, at competitive rates; and
  2. Job seekers to upload CVs and help them find available jobs and or employers across the entire marine industry including superyachts

All members of the MIA, Superyacht Australia and BIA, should use this Marine Jobs advertising platform. Together we can grow the platform and support our entire industry. All dollars received from a listing are re-invested in attracting job seekers into the site! The website is attracting job seekers but we need more jobs posted. If you need more detail on the site, please reach out to

The BIA’s support for Marine Jobs is backed by our Directors (driven by BIA VP Adam Smith and Director Michael Jarvin) and our staff are working with TAFE, education providers and governments to address the gaps in skills and training. Within NSW, SA and Qld, we have been working closely with TAFE and other Registered Training Organisations (RTO), with the ultimate aim to deliver marine specific Trade Certificates in the following areas:

  1. Certificate III;
    1. metal boat building
    2. marine craft construction (shipwrights and boat building courses)
    3. marine refinishing (spray painting)
    4. cabinet making (boat building)
    5. marine trimming
  2. Certificate II, Year 11s (school-based programs)
    1. engineering (marine); and
  3. Trade Taster programs are being developed for Year 10 students (school-based programs).

Additionally, there is a significant shortage of TAFE and Trade Teachers, and we encourage ex-Tradies with appropriate Certificates in Training and Assessment that maybe interested in Trade Teaching to reach out to us at

We have also rolled out our Trade Member Program, as a three-year membership, including a three year Marine Card. Benefits include:

  1. BIA Trade Membership, with dedicated logo and promotion
  2. Marine Card
  3. Domestic business Travel Insurance
  4. Participation in our Accreditation programs
  5. Access to Marine Jobs, at Member rates
  6. Tickets to BIA Boat Shows

Applications can be made via and for enquiries please contact

In closing, we would like to offer a sincere congratulations to Richard Chapman of Coursemaster Autopilots and AIMEX Director (and former President), in receiving an Australia Day Award, an Order of Australia. Richard’s lifetime contribution to our industry, both socially and commercially has been second to none. Congratulations Richard Chapman OAM.

Andrew Scott