Image: Shellharbour Marina , Shellharbour NSW

Marina manufacturers are the hidden backbone of our marina sector, supporting members of our industry. They are serious manufacturers with the capability to design, manufacture, construct and upgrade. They employ a significant number of people across a range of skills and trades from designers, fabricators, infield installers and vessel handlers to welders and boiler makers, along with sales, marketers and administrators. Then there is the considerable investment these manufacturers have made in their own infrastructure and equipment in delivering the end product… a perfectly engineered, manufactured and transported domestic pontoon, recreational marina, superyacht or commercial marina, or fixed structures and jetties.

BIA makes a priority of promoting the boating lifestyle and partnering that effort with advocacy to governments for improved outcomes in boating access and storage which is a key reason we put considerable efforts into government relations aimed at support for the marina sector. Such work with governments is ongoing with positive results such as in NSW and work on opportunities for improvement in Qld, SA and Victoria.  

Pontoons and floating structures come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and materials such as:

  • Concrete pontoons and structures
  • Rotomolded pontoons and structures
  • Fixed Timber structures and decks, including eco’ sustainable decking and materials

Some of our members who are award-winning manufacturers include the following:

Superior Jetties design, manufacture and install, and have more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of high-quality docking systems and products, for use in the Australian and international berthing markets.  

Superior’s products have a solid reputation for being durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing and with this background they are now recognised as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of marinas and commercial berthing applications.  This reputation, forged on quality, performance and delivery has resulted in many of Superior Jetties’ products being installed in some stunning marine locations. 


GC Marine design, develop and deliver, and are a unique and bespoke marina and pontoon builder, with now a decade of trading in the Australian marina manufacturing arena. GC Marine manufacture to international standards, from their Gold Coast facility. In 2023, GC Marine won several Australian marine awards, from AIMEX, MIA and local government. With decades of experience, they have an enthusiastic team of engineers, fabricators, project managers and administrators,  working together seamlessly, with a strong ‘on-time’ delivery focus.


Bellingham design, manufacture and construction, and has  several decades of quality performance internationally and domestically.

Bellingham collaborate with developer, private and operator clients on an extensive range of waterfront projects, from superyacht havens to off-the-grid boat ramps, floating docks and wave attenuators.

The Bellingham Group has extensive knowledge and experience in floating dock systems and marina design. Their network of resources is significant and their focus is solution based for the best outcome for all clients.

Walcon Marine design, manufacture, supply and install for commercial and residential applications, including pontoon hire and temporary floating structures.

Walcon, Sydney International Boat Show –involves a 20-day build for a spectacular 4 day special event marina.

In addition to promoting marinas as key infrastructure supporting boating participation and supporting marine careers in the sector, BIA advocacy work for the marinas includes support for positive policy settings such as sustainable rents, security of tenure and incentivising private investment in what is important public infrastructure. Some of this work includes the following:

  • Direct engagement with government landlords such as Maritime Authorities, Crown Lands, National Parks and Councils
  • Support for and work on improved government policies, strategies and regulations
  • Supporting ICOMIA in its policy position regarding marinas
  • Support for legacy infrastructure related to the Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games
  • Support for the marina/ pontoon sector resulting from extreme weather events such as work on State Government reference groups responding to the Brisbane floods
  • Support for marine careers in the marina sector.

In addition to the skills, training and advocacy work to support the marina design, manufacturing and installation sector, BIA and key members are also engaged in standards development work, representing members and the wider industry at Standards Australia committees CE030 Maritime Structures and EL057 Electrical Installations for Marinas. 

CE030, currently chaired by BIA member and MIA Director John Leman of International Marina Consultants, is working to revise AS 4997 Guidelines for the design of maritime structures, covering jetties, wharves, seawalls, breakwaters and associated infrastructure, of vital importance to protecting new and existing marina sites; and previously, under the chairmanship of Darren Vaux of Empire Marine Group, the complete rewrite of AS 3962 Marina Design, covering fixed and floating pontoons, wave attenuators, fire-fighting systems and on-shore facilities required to support a successful marina.

EL057 covering marina (and boat) electrical systems in the AS 3004 series of standards is working with the support of BIA member Brian Gatt of Logix Group and BIA team member Nik Parker to modernise the standard for electrical systems to accommodate, among many items, the need to cater for an increasing electrification of boating.  This work is also supported by representation from Bellingham Marine, ensuring both the marina design and electrical professions are assisting in creating modern standards for use within our industry.

Our appreciation goes to the entire marina and pontoon sector for their contribution to the boating industry and to boating, and special thanks go to those members who volunteer to add their experience and knowledge in the joint effort with BIA to help make our marina-related standards fit for purpose.

See you on the water,
Andrew Scott