Our previous eNews focused on Advocacy to Government which is one of four strategic key priorities of the BIA. Today’s eNews column will focus on another priority in Skills, Training and Employment objective which has been a key deliverable for the BIA for over 40 years!

BIA’s work in this area is managed under the Marine Jobs brand. This work encompasses a strong collaboration with the Marina Industries Association (MIA) and Superyacht Australia (SYA/ AIMEX). We are all operating as Marine Jobs for the greater good of maritime attraction and retention of resources in Australia.

The Marine Jobs brand started in 2021 with a focus on providing an online platform for MIA, SYA and BIA members, to advertise for available ‘jobs’ in their businesses. It is indeed a jobs portal, but it is just one part of a wider effort by BIA to support retention of our talented people, provide support for skills and training, along with formal recognition of apprenticeship courses, ensuring our collaboration extends well beyond the online jobs-board platform. It is without doubt a priority area for the three associations. The collaboration does many things, some collectively and some independently, but together it focuses on one main outcome: Marine Jobs for our members’ businesses. For BIA our focus generally includes;

  • Job adverts, the jobs board for employers advertising.
  • Job seekers, for registering interest in our industry.
  • The BIA Boating Industry Academy, to deliver a pipeline of well-prepared and supported young people into school-based apprenticeships. This is an initiative that has commenced in Queensland.
  • Courses advisory, working with TAFE and RTO to develop trade courses for our industry. Across all States and Territories in Australia.
  • Campaigning for the retention and growth of employment within our industry.
  • Liaison with school Careers Advisors and connecting same with industry.
  • Providing young people with information towards gaining employment within our industry, by way of Career Expos, Career Open days and regular employment information sessions.
  • Working with Government Departments and RTOs on Reference Groups and Working Groups to promote marine jobs including government support, and skills and training support.

In October 2023, the Marine Jobs partnership, is preparing to hold a Marine Jobs Expo at the Gold Coast Marine Precinct, Coomera. We encourage all Precinct businesses to get on board! This Expo is an initiative being facilitated by David Good, CEO of AIMEX, and his team, with an overall maritime focus. Like the Cairns event in May 2023, we are expecting many local South East Queensland school students, job seekers, and families to attend.

The intention of the Marine Jobs Careers Expo is for dozens of exhibitors (including local Precinct businesses) to attend including: State Government Departments; Gold Coast Marine organisations; TAFE; and other Agency employers, like Police, Defence etc. This is outcome focused, supporting the effort behind ensuring a pipeline of young people and job seekers into our Industry. These Careers Days, which have also been run at events such as the BIA’s Sydney International Boat Show, will continue to be rolled out nationally.

Our Boating Industry Academy in Queensland continues to gather momentum. This is a collaborative partnership between BIA and the Australian Industry Trade College (AITC), and we have seen 19 young people pass through the Academy doors and enjoy career experiences at a number of SEQ marine businesses. This program is expanding, with an additional 15 young people joining the program so far through the year. The program is a ‘long-haul’ project, starting with young people with a focus on attraction and retention of labour for our Industry.

BIA sees exciting days ahead regarding the Boating Industry Academy as the program grows and starts delivering school-based apprenticeships for well-prepared young people who are expected to deliver high retention rates. We would like to thank those SEQ academy partners / academy employer companies; thank you for your support, this is an ongoing and growing partnership by BIA with the AITC.

Pictured: Neil Patchett with Nick Tani, Business Development – TAFE Qld

Additionally, our engagement and relationship with TAFE Coomera on behalf of the Marine Industry continues to grow, with a focus on new Trade Courses etc for our Industry. Recently, Neil Patchett GM Government and Public Affairs attended a TAFE Coomera Open Day, engaging with Industry and TAFE Executives with the view of developing new courses, expanding the collaboration with BIA Ltd regarding our skill and training deliverables for members, along with an intending to work closely with BIA for the delivery of Marine Card as part of our Safe Marine Business strategy.

Andrew Scott