With almost one in five Australians having access to a boat or watercraft, you can understand the increasing appeal of boating as a reason to be with family and friends.

Australia has one of the best coastlines in the world, and alongside an abundance of spectacular rivers, estuaries, dams and inland bodies of water, Australia’s recreational boaters are spoilt for choice.

With international travel restrictions in place, recreational boating has boomed over the last 6 months with Aussies turning to recreational boating looking to enjoy their leisure time locally.

More than a dozen studies have shown that being with family and friends, relaxing and being outdoors and close to nature are the primary reasons people spend time on the water. A family doesn’t have to spend a fortune on a theme park vacation to have an experience that everyone will enjoy. Although your first meeting with Mickey Mouse will probably be memorable, chances are it will pale in comparison to memories of spending time on the water with the people you love.

Not having a boat is not an excuse not to go boating, and using boating as means to enjoy quality social time. The boating club scene in Australia is as extensive as it is diverse. Sail clubs cater for all people, with and without a boat. With facilities, particularly for the younger generation, to get sailing lessons using their equipment and resources. For those keen on experiencing boating on a larger scale, many would be surprised at the number of club members needing crew. Sail clubs of all sizes are located around Australia and a little research on what your local club has may surprise you.

Equally there are an abundance of other boating clubs and schools that are not sailing oriented. Motorboat clubs, Fishing clubs, Dagon Boat clubs Water-ski schools are just a few of the many that provide a fabulous social environment.

Our beautiful waterways are a magnet for Aussies to get together with family and friends. Recreational boating has been a key conduit to make those experiences even better.

Boating is for everyone, even if you don’t own a boat. Join a club, hire a houseboat make a booking to cruise the Whitsundays. Social boating is good for your health, both physically and mentally.

Boating and the joys and benefits associated with it are being celebrated Australia-wide during National Boating Week.

Fittingly, the week will occur alongside with National Safe Boating Week organised and delivered by the Australia New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group (ANZSBEG). Today the focus is on educating the boating public to always check the weather forecast before going boating and stay ashore if warnings are current or the weather appears doubtful. Find out more at amsa.gov.au/national-safe-boating-week

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